Hip Replacement

A hip replacement is a fantastic operation to improve your mobility, significantly reduce your pain, and improve your quality of life, letting you get back to the things you enjoyed.

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Anterior Minimally Invasive Surgery (AMIS) is a technique utilised in performing hip replacements whereby Dr Murray can perform a hip replacement through an anterior incision (Direct anterior approach) without cutting tendons from the femur bone, resulting in less injury and damage to the soft tissues. The benefits when performed by an anterior approach surgeon can include less post operative pain, faster recovery and less time in hospital.

Dr Murray does not have restrictions on your hip after an anterior approach hip replacement, and you can walk, go up/down stairs, swim, exercise, golf, bowl, and even run (normally after 12 months) with a hip replacement. You won’t need to avoid putting your hip in certain positions to avoid dislocation.

Direct anterior hip replacements are a specialised technique, and the surgical approach and surgery is recommended to to be performed only by a specialty trained and experienced AMIS surgeon.

Traditional hip replacements utilise a posterior approach, and require taking tendons off the femur bone to gain access to the joint beneath. This is utilised for its improved view of the surgical area and useful for revision (repeat) surgery, and is the most common approach for hip replacements in Australia. This approach has a longer recovery time vs anterior approach hip replacements, and restrictions on movements you can do with your leg in the future to avoid dislocations.

Most implants will last beyond the patients lifetime irrespective of the approach used, and there are cases where a posterior approach hip replacement may be safest for you. Dr Murray will guide you to the optimal form of hip replacement for you based on your pathology, health, history and evidence based best practice.

If you are experiencing a loss of your quality of life, suffering from pain and stiffness, and unable to do the activities you once loved, then contact us today to discuss if you are appropriate for a hip replacement.

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