Joint preservation

There are various tools Dr Murray can utilise to preserve your existing joint, and can educate you multiple modalities to assist make your existing knee or hip more comfortable. These can include things such as injections, physiotherapy, tablets, and activity modifications.

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In addition, Dr Murray utilises an emerging technology called Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) – a minimally invasive, non surgical and non-medication treatment designed to reduce the pain signals sent from your knee or hip if you have chronic pain or arthritis. Small electrode conducting probes are inserted (no bigger than a large needle) to target specific pain nerves. These nerves do not supply muscle function, nor do they supply skin.

By decreasing the transmission of the pain signals, RFA is successful in desensitising the area, reducing the pain experienced by you. The procedure does not help with the general wear and tear of your cartilage, meniscus or bone changes – it is a new method of making the pain from these changes much less noticeable.

Research has shown it to give significant improvement in function and quality of life, and to be more effective than steroid injections in the knee.

Dr Murray will determine if you are a good candidate for RFA – examples can include if you have mild arthritis and are not yet ready for a joint replacement but suffer from pain, or if you are higher risk in surgery and wish to avoid that where you can to try other options.

Effects of pain relief and improving quality of life and function can last for up to 12 months, and some patients experience longer than this in literature. Some people however may feel less effect, but those with a good effect can repeat the procedure once the effect wears off over time as the nerves regenerate. Dr Murray will educate and guide you on this during consultation.

If you believe this or other non surgical treatments may be something you would like to explore please contact us today!

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