Knee Arthroscopy

The Knee joint can be injured quite easily, whether in sport, at work, or with gradual wear and tear. Common signs of an unhappy knee can include swelling, persistent pain, catching or locking (where the knee simply won’t move), and ‘giving way’ where the knee gives out unexpectedly.

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Knee Arthroscopy is a common procedure done under a general anaesthesia, used to treat issues inside the knee without making large cuts to the skin and tissues. A thin fibreoptic telescope is connected to a camera that allows Dr Murray to visualise all the areas inside the joint, allowing for diagnosis, repair, reconstruction or removal of damaged tissue. Depending on the extent of the issue, the procedure can take from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

An Examination of your knee will take place during your first appointment, along with review of any imaging requested by Dr Murray including Xray, CT or MRI.

Tears of the medial and lateral meniscus, damaged cartilage and loose cartilage/bone fragments, patella problems, and washout of infected knee joints are a few examples of arthroscopic treatable conditions.

Not all knee problems can be treated with arthroscopy, and Dr Murray will guide you to the optimal treatment of your knee condition based on research and objective evidence. Dr Murray will explain the risks and benefits of your conditions treatment to you, and give you education to take home with you from your appointment.

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